Grilled Cheese with Red Pepper Relish

2 slices Fresh, soft, french bread, sliced 3/4′′ thick
2 oz Sharp cheddar cheese
2 oz Swiss cheese
1 oz Gorgonzola cheese
3 strips Cooked Bacon
1 Avocado
4 tbsp Butter
1 tsp Rosemary
1 tsp Thyme
2 tbsp Sweet Red Pepper Relish or Spicy Sweet Red Pepper Relish

1. Place butter, rosemary, and thyme in a bowl and microwave until butter is completely melted. (About 30 seconds)
2. Remove from microwave, mix ingredients, and set aside.
3. With bread slices open and on a plate, layer cheeses while alternating varieties.
4. Place open face cheese sandwich in microwave for 10 seconds just long enough to begin softening cheese but not to melt it.
5. Remove from microwave and close sandwich.
6. Spoon melted butter mix onto sandwich and spread liberally but leaving about 1 tablespoon.
7. Heat frying pan to medium low heat.
8. Place buttered sandwich on frying pan. The intent is melt the cheese thoroughly using low heat and not burn the bread.
9. Flip sandwich as necessary to maintain even cooking
10. When cheese looks thoroughly melted remove sandwich from pan and turn heat to medium high. Lightly butter both sides of the sandwich once more and return sandwich to frying pan shortly to brown and crisp the bread.
11. Remove sandwich from heat and open.
12. Add bacon, avocado slices, and Red Pepper Relish.
13. Close sandwich, slice, and enjoy.

Serves: 1
Time: 10-15 minutes