Booking a Private Party is easy!!

Private  Shopping Parties are held after store hours, all year. Be the first to try the newest award winning foods and learn about the “A” list of gourmet foods, gadgets and gifts. We provide all the food and wine.  You provide the date and the number of guests – Easy, simple and fun!

Step 1: Pick a date that works for you and your group. Having a backup date isn’t a bad idea in case your first choice isn’t available. Once you have your date picked out, give us a call to confirm availability.
January - September: Parties begin at 5:00pm Monday-Saturday and 4:00pm on Sundays.
October - December: Parties begin at 6:00pm Monday-Saturday and 4:00pm on Sundays.

Step 2: Once we have spoken, download and print the following Attendee Packet (see below). Read through the two pages, then sign and return the second page. Once we have received the signed copy, your date is officially booked. Need to cancel or reschedule? No problem! Ten days notice is required AND appreciated.

Attendee Information & Guidelines

Step 3: Send out your invitations and start promoting your party. You have a few options:

a. Use Eventbrite to send out your invitations virtually. Need help creating an Eventbrite invitation, click here.
b. Use Facebook to create and post your event. Need help creating a Facebook Event, click here.
c. Use Canva to send out printed or virtual invitations. This one is my favorite. They has tons of variety and you have quite a free selection. 

Step 4: Give us a call at (626) 355-5153 or email us at five days before your event to give us a final headcount.

Have a few questions/concerns. Here is a list of some of our FAQ’s.

Q: What is a private party?
A: After store hours Savor the Flavor opens its doors to you and your guests for a free, fun filled evening that includes champagne & wine, lots of award winning appetizers and desserts as well as a presentation on who and what won “The Best Of” from the International Fancy Food and Gift Shows.

Q: Who can have a private party?
A: Anyone who wants to enjoy good food and be privy to what is hot in the food and gift industry.

Q: How much do they cost?
A: There is no cost to you.

Q: Are there any benefits to hosting a private party?
A: We will donate 10% back to the organization of your choice.

Q: When can you have a private party?
A: We host parties all year long. November and December sell out so please call early to reserve your date.

Q: How do I book a private party?
A: Call and tell us the date you would like to have the party. We will email you an invitation for you to send to your guests.

Q: What does Savor the Flavor provide?
A: – An email invitation for you to send to your guests.
– All the food and beverages.
– A 10 minute presentation on what made the “A” list for foods, gifts and gadgets. Be the first to find out what was the International Award winning cookie, soup, snack, gadget of the year!
– 10% giveback from sales to the organization of your choice.

Q: What do we need from you?
A: – A date to reserve
– How many guests will be attending. Contact us three days before the day of your event. Minimum 15 – Maximum 30 guests. (Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.)
– Name of the organization you would like to give back to.

Have more questions?
We’re always here to help. Give us a call at (626) 355-5153, email us at or stop by to see us.

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” ― Horace Mann